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Music of College Football

August 30, 2010

We’re just days away from the kickoff of the 2010 NCAA football season.  And I can hear it in the air.  The college football game and all it entails from the tailgate to the pageantry to the rivalries is a cultural phenomenon unmatched around the globe.  A significant part of the phenomenon is the music that comes with it.  But its more than the marching bands.  So here is Jesus’ totally incomplete and completely biased list of the Music of College Football.  It isn’t meant to be comprehensive and all the songs are personal for me, so feel free to add your songs in the comments.  So without further ado in no particular order, (more…)


Big Ten Network Football Preview: Illinois

August 24, 2010

Tonight the Big Ten Network aired their stop at Camp Rantoul. As they’ve done with other Big Ten teams they stopped by training camp to break down the upcoming season. I DVRed the show and tomorrow will pull the interesting tidbits and funny segments for comment here on the blog. Check back tomorrow!

Illinois Preseason: Twenty Questions (Questions 6 through 20)

August 21, 2010

We continue with the remainder of Twenty Questions, which in no way will make any sense of the upcoming Illini season.  It’s all for shits and giggles, much like Zook’s coaching.

6. Which former Illini standout would make the best coach?

Little Nick: Dino Pollock (’86-’90).  He was a receiver, though not sure how much he stood out, and I’m not sure about his actual coaching ability.  The point is, I went to law school with this guy, and he is a motivator (though he was anti-Chief).

Jesus: Butkus.  Period.

Captain Keith: (more…)

Illinois Preseason: Twenty Questions (Questions 1 through 5)

August 20, 2010

As a means of previewing the upcoming 2010 Illini football season, Fire Ron Zook: Illinois Edition asked Jesus, Little Nick, and Captain Keith to answer twenty questions.  From legitimate to off the wall, the answers to these twenty questions will have you ready to go on Saturday, September 4 when the Illini take on border rival Missouri Tigers.  So we’ll get things started with the first five questions.  Be sure to check back in the rest of the week for all twenty questions. (more…)

Twenty Questions

August 3, 2010

Are you looking for answers about the upcoming Illini football season? Then you’re in the wrong place. The only thing we can tell you here at Fire Ron Zook: Illinois Edition is that its time for Zook to go* (*He should have been already been fired). But we’re going to try to answer some questions and get you set for the 2010 season. So check back later this week when the FRZ crew of Jesus, Little Nick, and Captain Keith preview this season with Twenty Questions (and answers!).