Twenty Questions

Are you looking for answers about the upcoming Illini football season? Then you’re in the wrong place. The only thing we can tell you here at Fire Ron Zook: Illinois Edition is that its time for Zook to go* (*He should have been already been fired). But we’re going to try to answer some questions and get you set for the 2010 season. So check back later this week when the FRZ crew of Jesus, Little Nick, and Captain Keith preview this season with Twenty Questions (and answers!).


3 Responses to “Twenty Questions”

  1. O-town Gator Says:

    As things have turned out, we Florida fans were right all along about the Zooker – but the Illini faithful didn’t want to believe us at that time.

  2. Jesus Says:

    After finishing 1-11 and 3-8 in 2003 and 2004 respectively, the Illini were ready for anything that wasn’t Ron Turner as coach. Zook has now proven, talent or not, he’s not capable of being a head coach.

  3. O-town Gator Says:

    George Santayana once said that those who fail to remember the past are condemned to repeat it – in Zook’s case, that holds true. He didn’t learn from the mistakes he made that eventually cost him his job at Florida, and who knows if he ever will should he ever get another head coaching job if and when Illinois lets him go. Zook apologists will argue otherwise and still insist that he got a bum rap in Gainesville, but the truth is that he brought things all on himself. He had ample opportunity to prove the pundits wrong and rise to the challenge, but he couldn’t get the job done.

    As a Gator fan, I feel your pain. For three years we saw a lot of what Steve Spurrier accomplished at Florida go down the toilet under Zook from 2002 to 2004 – but thank God our AD redeemed himself for his mistake and hired Urban Meyer to resurrect UF football once again.

    I agree that Zook isn’t head-coaching material. He lacks the initiative and the management skills necessary for a head coach to succeed at the college level; if you’ve ever read “Sun-Tzu: The Art of War” it’s easy to see why Zook is failing where guys like Meyer are doing very well. One sportswriter called Zook the biggest waster of talent in college football, and it’s true. He may be able to recruit them, but he can’t develop his talent to its fullest potential.

    If the Illini ever want to be a contender in the Big Ten, your AD (Guenther) needs to come to his senses and realize that Zook isn’t the right coach to take them there.

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