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Big Ten Divisions: Instant Reaction

September 2, 2010

Well the moment everyone was waiting for, since the Big10 announced Nebraska as its twelth member, came down last night.  The Big10 announced its yet to be named two six-team divisions for football (At this time the divisions will not be used to determine the basketball schedule.  And that’s a good thing once you see the divide).  Here they are, followed by reaction from the FRZ guys. (more…)


The Picks: Week One

September 2, 2010

Each week here at Fire Ron Zook: Illinois Edition, the guys will make their picks for big games of the week at hand.  However, you’re definition of big game may not be the same as their understanding of big game.  The games the guys will pick each week are as follows,

  • The Illinois Game– No explaination needed
  • The Nebraska Game– As the newest member of the Big10, we’ve got to keep tabs on the Cornhuskers in their final season in the Big12
  • Big Ten Game of the Week– Best game featuring at least one Big10 team
  • NCAA Game of the Week– Best game of the weekend, period
  • Historically Black College Game of the Week (And Probably Contemporary Black College) *– This one goes back to the early days of Jesus and Keith living together (more…)