The Picks: Week One

Each week here at Fire Ron Zook: Illinois Edition, the guys will make their picks for big games of the week at hand.  However, you’re definition of big game may not be the same as their understanding of big game.  The games the guys will pick each week are as follows,

  • The Illinois Game– No explaination needed
  • The Nebraska Game– As the newest member of the Big10, we’ve got to keep tabs on the Cornhuskers in their final season in the Big12
  • Big Ten Game of the Week– Best game featuring at least one Big10 team
  • NCAA Game of the Week– Best game of the weekend, period
  • Historically Black College Game of the Week (And Probably Contemporary Black College) *– This one goes back to the early days of Jesus and Keith living together


* It’s really easy to find out if a college is “historically black”.  Plug the name into Wikipedia search and if you’ve hit the jackpot, the first line will read something like this, “founded (insert year), is a historically black university located (insert location)”.

It can be as simple as picking a winner.  It can be picking a winner with score.  It can be a ridiculously insulting comment along with a winner.  There’s no formula.   So here we go for the Week One picks.

Illinois vs Missouri (Striving Hard to be the new, “The U”) @ St. Louis

Jesus: I would love this border war if it was somewhat competitive.  This year looks a lot like last year.  Mizzou 48 Illinois 20

Little Nick: Mizzou over Illini (I hope the broadcasters use the phrase “jailbreak” for any big Mizzou gain.)

Captain Keith: Mizzou

Nebraska vs Western Kentucky

Jesus: Love the mascot, Mom but your alma mater is going down.  I’m sure they’re making bank though.  Nebraska 51 WKU 13

Little Nick: Cornhuskers over Hilltoppers (I still don’t know what a Hilltopper is.)

Captain Keith: Nebraska (although, they’re over-rated at #8)

Purdue @ Notre Dame

Jesus: Is it possible that I hate every school in Indiana?  Oh wait, I went to grad school at Ball State.  Hate to do it but.  Notre Dame 23 Purdue 16

Little Nick: Gold and Black over Gold and Navy (I’ll never pick ND.)

Captain Keith: Purdue

Boise State vs Virginia Tech @ Landover, Maryland (FedEx Field)

Jesus: If this was in Blacksburg, no question I would take VTech.  Though it will still be a very pro-Hokie crowd (60,000+).  I’m taking the Broncos.  Boise State 24 Virginia Tech 23

Little Nick: Va Tech over Boise State (Order will be restored this season for any FBS upstarts)

Captain Keith: VaTech ( I give VA credit for trying to get the best games not in their conference every year)

Mississippi Valley State @ Alabama State

Jesus: I’m going with the alma mater of the greatest wide receiver ever, Jerry Rice.  But the real question is, “Which team has the better band?”  MVS 28 Alabama State 13

Little Nick: Alabama State over Mississippi Valley State (Wish I could tailgate at this one!)

Captain Keith: Alabama State ( a conference game to open the year, wtf?)

Per usual, we know nothing.  This is all for shits and giggles.


4 Responses to “The Picks: Week One”

  1. Mom/Mary Jane Says:

    How dare you think Nebraska will beat little ole WKU? And Nick doesn’t even know what a Hilltopper is? One of the best mascots of all time. Hopefully they will make a good amount of money from this game.

  2. Keith Says:

    Jesus: apparently even though you’ve lived in DC and spend time there you don’t realize that Fedex Field is more of a home game than the United Center is for the Illini. Come on theres so much Hokie crap in DC its almost as nauseating as redskins crap (or cubs stuff in chicago for you)

  3. thebldgblock Says:

    I acknowledge the pro-Hokie crowd in my pick but its still not the same as playing on campus at the stadium 32 dead people built (wait, that’s not how the story goes). I deal with VT and PSU alum/fans every day with my DC project, I am not taking the Hokies.

  4. Little Nick Says:

    @Mom/Mary Jane:
    I do know what the Hilltopper mascot looks like, but I have no idea what it actually is. I can guess it’s as simple as something that lives on top of a hill in Western Kentucky. I also know that my WKU friend, who was an athlete, still refers to the mascot as simply a red blob.

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